Frequently Asked Questions

CornerMate – The Easy Corner Shelf

Q: Does the CornerMate shelf come in a variety of sizes or colors?
A: Our corner shelves do not come in a variety of sizes. The shelves are injection molded for sturdiness, strength, and durability. They are only available in the clear or white but are paintable to match your home decor.

Q: Can I place an International Order?
A: Yes! Email us at for your specific shipping rates and we’ll send you a custom order invoice through PayPal.

Q: How long does it take for my product to ship?
A: In normal circumstances, your CornerMate order should arrive in 4-7 days within the U.S. (International time/rates may vary).

Q: How much weight can the CornerMate hold?
A: These corner shelves are designed to hold 10-15 lbs.

Q: Can I mount it in any building or on any surface?
A: The CornerMate shelf can be mounted in any corner where screws will drill into the wall studs.  Try this shelf in the office, living room, craft room, bedrooms, bathroom, children’s rooms, garage, patio, workshop, etc.

Q: Can I install it outside?
A: Yes, as long as the corner you are attaching it to has the correct support and can be drilled with screws.

Q: Will my items slide off the shelf?
A: The CornerMate corner shelf’s Slip-Safe Rim protects objects from falling or rolling off.  To avoid slanting the shelf, do NOT add more weight than that of the recommend max load 10-15 lbs.

Q: Is there a way to remove scratches or stains from the shelf?
A: Small scratches can be easily buffed out of the plastic. Large, deep scratches are difficult to remove. Surface stains can be wiped with a common household cleaner. Painting your CornerMate shelf is another way to cover scuffs, stains, and scratches.

Q: Can I paint the CornerMate shelf?
A: This product is made from ABS plastic. It should be paintable, allowing that the type of paint used dries correctly on the plastic. We recommend painting a small test area before applying paint to the entire shelf.

Q: Does it need to be taken down from the corner and cleaned?
A: It may need to be dusted, but removal is usually not necessary. If you do need to remove the shelf, it can easily slide out of the mount without unscrewing the mount from the wall.

Q: Is there any need to remove the shelf?
A: There is normally no reason to remove the shelf, but both parts are easily removable and replaceable if needed.

Q: Do I need to worry about hitting any electrical wires or other wiring/pipes?
A: According to construction building codes, there will never be wires or plumbing lines in the corner wall studs.

Q: What if the screws do not go into the corner frame?
A: If screws will not insert fully, there may be a nail or other obstruction in the wall.  Move up or down an inch or two if possible.  On exterior corners, it is possible that you have hit a metal corner frame. We recommend drilling a pilot hole before attempting to install the CornerMate shelf.

Q: Will the shelf always stay securely mounted?
A: Yes, as long as the wall mount has been properly secured to the wall. The shelf and mount will only come apart if you choose to separate them by sliding the shelf out of the mount.

Q: How long does the CornerMate last?
A: As long as it is used under the recommended max load, it should have a virtually infinite life with normal fatigue from use over time.

Q: Is there a discount for larger orders?
A: Discounted prices on bundle/bulk orders are to be determined. Email us for more information!

Q: I LOVE my ConerMate! Where can I leave a review?
A: That’s great! You can submit a comment using the Facebook app below, or click here to visit our Reviews Page!

Q: Have a different question?
A: Click here to visit our Contact Page.