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CornerMate – The Easy Corner Shelf

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“This is an awesome useful solution for my overflowing craft drawers. Seeing all my paints and tools displayed proudly on my corner shelves is so much more inspiring than shoving them away in a drawer for storage! The shelf mount really was easy to install!”   — Lauren

“An innovative shelf with a modern twist. I absolutely love it! The installation process was so simple, I was able to mount my shelf flush and level without any additional measuring or equipment. CornerMate is the ultimate shelving resource to save space. And it looks great!”   — Gene

“I love the CornerMate shelving system!!! It made it quick and easy to decorate my apartment walls and create a storage space for my collection of Tea Cups with the use of the Inner Corner Shelf Kit. The kit came with the needed shelf mount hardware, so I was able to install quickly by myself.”   — Christina

“CornerMate is awesome! I have found my shelves to be solid, durable, and space saving. It was easy to install too. All I needed were the two screws that came with the shelf and a screwdriver to make a precious display for my family pictures. The three shelves add function and beauty to my home living space in a simple elegant way.”   — Samantha

“I’m always trying to convince my husband I need certain things. The CornerMate took very little convincing! He loves it too!! — Trudy B.

“Perfect for keeping art supplies within reach but off my desk and out my way at the same time. Neat, modern and easy to clean!— Sherry